Canton Paw Park is a community project open to all dog lovers and friends who are willing to uphold the park’s rules and restrictions. Please respect the rules as it is only made available due to the many willing hand that donated time and resources.

****All dogs MUST BE ON a leash outside of the fence at all times.** This means from the parking area to inside the fence and then from the fence back to your car. The City of Canton does enforce the leash law, and for the safety of everyone leashes MUST be used at all times on all dogs!****

Please remember to pick up poop after your dog. This park is a cooperative effort between owners and it will only work if owners help out.

Reminder: Please remember to park in the graveled parking area, past the field on the left. Do NOT park in front of the fence along the street- you will get a parking ticket!

Dor run Enterance

Reminder: This is everyone’s park- completely maintained by volunteers and YOU! Please clean up after your pet using bags stored in the dog house stations!



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